3 thoughts on “Kind of a compliment”

    1. Hmm… Wow, that looks pretty much like our Kanban board. They obfuscated the javascript code, but from the html it is very clear they took Evrenvarols or my version as a starting point. I guess, from what I can read from the html, they took Evren’s version. They added an Angular config app, but you need to pay extra for it.

      It has MIT license, so they can basically do everything with it, but the MIT license should remain. I cannot find it.

      I sent them a message about it. I’ll wait and see what they reply.

      Read this: http://office.auscomp.com/legals/end-user-license-agreement-eula-auscomp-add-ins-for-microsoft-office/
      The do not mention anywhere that they took the source of an open source project!

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