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Outlook Taskboard
{{ folder.title }} {{ folder.tasks.length }} {{ folder.limit }}
  • {{ task.subject }} (Due: {{ task.duedate | date:config.DATE_FORMAT }}) (Completed: {{ task.completeddate | date:config.DATE_FORMAT }})
    {{ task.notes }}
    {{ task.owner }}
    {{ task.percent }}%
    {{ cat.label }} 
    {{ task.totalwork }}

Task Columns Configuration

(means: hide tasks for which the Start Date is in the future)
(zero for no limit)

Layout Configuration

(max number of character displayed)

Behavior Configuration

(Automatically move tasks to {{config.NEXT_FOLDER.TITLE}} column when its Start Date has arrived)
(Automatically move tasks to {{config.NEXT_FOLDER.TITLE}} column when its Due Date has arrived)
(Remember the filters after you close the application)
(Monitor if the app is being used)
days after completion
(Switch debug logging on for support purposes)

App Configuration

JanBan Task Board version {{version}}

A Kanban style taskboard for managing your Outlook tasks.
Refactored and taken to the next level by Jan van Veldhuizen.

View on Gitlab

Evren Varol, for developing the very first version of the Kanban board
Shrekmachine and BillyMcSkintos, for following my developement and doing a lot of useful suggestions

You're free to use this software. If you are happy with it I highly appreciate you sending me a postcard from your hometown so that I know where the JanBan board is being used.
My address is: JanBan, Egidius Blocklaan 24, 1241BV Kortenhoef, Netherlands.

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