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Outlook Taskboard
{{ folder.title }} {{ folder.tasks.length }} {{ folder.limit }}
  • {{ task.subject }}
    (Due: {{ task.duedate | date:config.DATE_FORMAT }}) (Start: {{ task.startdate | date:config.DATE_FORMAT }}) (Completed: {{ task.completeddate | date:config.DATE_FORMAT }})
    {{ task.notes }}
    {{ task.owner }}
    {{ task.percent }}%
    {{ cat.label }} 
    {{ task.totalwork }}
(means: hide tasks for which the Start Date is in the future)
(zero for no limit)
(max number of character displayed)
(Automatically move tasks to {{config.NEXT_FOLDER.TITLE}} column when its Start Date has arrived)
(Automatically move tasks to {{config.NEXT_FOLDER.TITLE}} column when its Due Date has arrived)
(Remember the drag-and-drop sort order)
(Remember the filters after you close the application)
days after completion
(Switch debug logging on for support purposes)
(Display a message when a newer version is available for download)
(Kanban boards for multiple mailboxes)
(default, cannot be switched off)
JanBan Task Board version {{version}} (Release History)

A Kanban style taskboard for managing your Outlook tasks.
Refactored and taken to the next level by Jan van Veldhuizen.

* Evren Varol, for developing the very first version of the Kanban board
* All users giving feedback and doing suggestions
* Everyone who helps improving the app by reporting issues or by asking questions

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You're free to use this software. If you are happy with it I highly appreciate you buying me a coffee

Meet me and other users
JanBan has now its own Discord Server
You are encouraged to post your feedback and questions there. The idea is that users are going to help each other by answering questions and giving tips. But you can also send an email directly to me

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