JanDusk – Jan’s Twilight ScreenSaver

What the Screensaver does

The screen saver displays your wallpaper image and it then applies a twilight theme onto it.
You will get the best results when your wallpaper is a scenic photo.
It also works when you have multiple monitors.


Config Screen

The screen saver has three twilight modes:

Mode Description
Only Twilight The picture is displayed as if dusk is half-way
Getting Dark The picture is displayed with daylight, but it will get dark gradually. When it is completely dark the screen will stay black until the screen saver is terminated
Dusk and Dawn After getting dark it will getting light again. Then the process starts all over again

You can define three speeds to choose how long the dark and light cycle will take.


Download the jandusk.scr file from this link, and copy it into your c:\windows\system32 folder. Then go to your Screen Saver Settings, adjust the configuration, and you are ready to go.